Are you Wasting Heat and Energy?

Investing in destratification fans pays back instantly in terms of worker comfort also pretty quickly in terms of £££s as its puts an end to wasting heat and energy. Destratification fans can be retro-fitted to almost every workplace with immediate benefit.


Frico 9kW wall mounted fan heater

We recently quoted for a couple of Frico 9kW unit heaters to a client to heat his small manufacturing unit.

We also quoted for a thermostat to control the heaters and help to minimise his energy bills.


Room thermostat


Airius destratification Fan

To complete the offering we quoted for a small Destratification Fan to further minimise the bills by returning rising hot air from the ceiling of the factory to the working area (i.e. where the people are).

The client went ahead and bought the heaters and thermostat but did not proceed with the Destratification Fan.

A few weeks later we got a message to the effect that the heaters were working flat-out, the ceiling space was toasty (wasting heat and energy), but the workers were still cold! After some discussion the client decided to buy and install the Destratification Fan albeit with a little scepticism.

Today we got the following message and photographs…..

Hi Bill/Robert


Two heaters and a destratification fan in use in a small manufacturing unit

You will be happy to know that the Airius 15 destrat fan is working a treat !

Heating is actually switching off now.  Fingers crossed the bills reduce too.

Appreciate the help and advice. Attached photo which you can use if you want.

…and here is the photo they sent, with the two heaters wall mounted with isolator switches towards the right of the photo and the fan hanging from the ceiling joist near the centre.

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