Wall Mounted Industrial Fan Heaters

Electric wall mounted industrial fan heaters don’t perhaps get the attention they deserve. Shame because they are a very easy and effective way of heating smaller working environments.

When most people think about wall mounted fan heaters, what comes to mind is a small domestic 1.5kw or 2kw unit with a pull string, whereas we like to think a bit bigger. In fact we don’t do domestic ones, only industrial wall mounted fan heaters where they can easily be large enough to deliver 30kw of heat.

Panther heaters operate with a remote controller and thermostat controlling up to 6 heaters
Heat/fan speed Contoller
TAP16 Thermostat

Advantages of wall mounted industrial fan heaters versus a portable fan heaters?

CAT heaters range covers up to 9kW

Whatever the size of wall mounted fan heaters their great advantage is that they are easily installed and once on the wall and connected up, they are out of the way. Although there are plenty of different models of portable heaters, and some of them excellent, there is the ever present power lead and the chore of moving it out of the way when you need the bit of floor that it is on, for something else. Whereas portable fan heaters tend to get moved around for best effect on work areas within in larger buildings, wall mounted fan heaters are better for whole room heating in smaller working environments. This means that in workshops, small industrial units, laboratories, shops, consulting rooms and the like, electic wall mounted fan heaters are ideal.

Wall mounted industrial fan heaters – single phase

A conventional 230 v single phase electricity supply is a little limited for the purposes of heating work environments. In broad terms 230v supply limits your choice to heaters that are not much bigger than 3kw. Whilst this may be ok for very small applications, once your heating requirements demand multiple 3kw heaters, you will very quickly run into limitations on the capacity of the power circuit that you might have been planning to plug the heaters into. When faced with this limitation many customers investigate the costs of installing a 3 phase supply.

Wall mounted industrial heaters – 3 phase

As with any other electic heater type the availability of 3 phase supply opens up the potential options hugely, compared to single phase. For most industrial environments where there are electrically driven machines 3 phase is not a problem, all the machinery will operate on 3 phase and the 3 phase circuits will be in place. The existence of 3 phase not only opens up the range of heaters available but also the range of heating capacity that is available and with up to 30kw generally being the upper limit on 3 phase wall mounted heater capacity.  With that size of heater available there is scope to heat really quite large industrial and commercial working environments using these heaters, but in reality when the application size is of this size running costs have much more impact and tend to outweigh the electic wall mounted heaters ease of installation and modest capital cost.

Industrial wall mounted industrial fan heaters for challenging environments.

Many working environments are challenging to heat because of dust, vibration, damp or corrosive atmospheres. The easy availability of wall mounted fan heaters specifically designed to be compatible with these type of environments make this type of heating an easy option and more attractive than more complex and expensive alternatives. 

Elektra industrial wall mounted fan heaters for extreme environments
Elektra wall mounted fan heaters for extreme environments

For these difficult applications we tend to look first at the Elektra range of heaters.  These heaters can be either wall mounted or free-standing – the bracket doubles as a stand when on the floor, and there are sub ranges suited to damp environments/ vibration/ dusty and fire risk environments and for producing elevated heat levels.  The Elektra heaters are well certified and versatile

The way the Elektra heater range works is as follows.

Application typeDamp and or
corrosive environments
 Marine  Dusty and/or
increased fire risk
Needing elevated heat
Outputs/supply3kw/ 230v
6kw/ 400v~3ph
9kw/ 230v~3ph
15kw/ 400v~3ph
3kw/ 230v
3kw/ 400v~3ph
3.6kw/ 440v~3ph
5kw/ 400v~3ph
6kw/ 440v~3ph
3kw/ 230v
6kw/ 400v~3ph
9kw/ 400v~3ph
6kw/ 400v~3ph+N
9kw/ 400v~3ph+N
Insulation classIP65IP44IP65IP44
Approved for use in combustible area
Useful featuresOuter casing in acid proof steel2 of the 3 phase models may be run from 60Hz supply. Vibration Resistant.Relatively low element temperature makes it ideal for dusty environmentsHigher temp. safety cutouts than standard enable much higher output temps.