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oscillating wall fans – not just for fitness studios

Cyclone oscillating wall fans
are a popular choice for creating air movement and ventilation in a variety of applications whether they be small or large rooms, sheds, industrial, or livestock applications. When the sun gets up, the heat gain on industrial and commercial buildings can be spectacular, making the building quite

oscillating wall fans

Heavy Duty Cyclone Oscillating wall fan.

When the outside temperature is in the 20’s, the temperature inside some buildings can easily reach into the 30’s. Although there is no legal minimum or maximum temperature in the work place in the UK, the HSE recommends a range between 13 and 30°C as being comfortable.

Most people find it uncomfortable to be in, or work in, an indoor environment much above 24°C. But the solution that increasingly being used is industrial wall mounted fans. When they are put in key positions to blow over crowded areas, or work stations, they can bring welcome relief to people who would otherwise be wilting in the heat. We find that they are very popular in shops, health clubs, gyms, and as we have recently discovered, in animal enclosures!

Wall mounted fans can be used in conjunction with open doors and windows to move air around the building and can, if cleverly placed, can induce air movement through the building, bringing cooler outside air in to replace the hot inside air. In addition to the cooler replacement air, people will feel air movement over their skin and thus feel cooler as evaporation from skin is increased.

 cyclone Oscillating wall mounted fans for Giant Galapagos Tortoises

tortoises appreciate cyclone wall mounted fans too

Dirk the Giant Galapagos Tortoise

We all can appreciate a bit of air movement in a warm environment, but as it turns out Giant Galapagos Tortoises also like some air movement to keep their living environment fresh.  Dirk the 70-year-old Giant Galapagos Tortoise is the largest of his kind in the UK. He happily resides at Crocodiles of the World in Oxfordshire, amongst other smaller reptiles, mammals, exotic birds, and 17 of the world’s 24 species of crocodiles. Dirk and the other Giant Galapagos Tortoises at Crocodiles of the World have Cyclone oscillating wall fans to ensure that the there is constant air movement round their enclosure which helps prevent stagnant air pockets, damp and rot.cyclone wall mounted fans

The spectacle of the crocodile feeding time is an understandably popular one and at busy times visitors may have a few minutes to wait before seeing Hugo and the other crocodiles. Luckily the waiting area for seeing the crocodile feeding has a number of Cyclone oscillating wall fans gently moving the air around to help visitors keep cool for those few moments of waiting. Once in to see the crocodiles feeding it is not a great idea to throw things in the enclosure as the management take a firm line on such antics.

Hugo loves cyclone wall mounted fans

Hugo the croc

Air circulation is one of the most important factors in keeping livestock and zoo animals. Whether it be cattle, pigs, poultry or indeed a Giant Galapagos Tortoise, proper movement of air can keep the enclosure healthy, and the animals comfortable. In stark contrast stagnant air mean that enclosures can be sources of infections caused by mould, damp, rotting vegetation and bedding.  An efficient cycle of moving air can keep moldy areas, and airborne infections at bay.

If you have any further queries on cyclone oscillating wall fans or their applications, please contact our UK-based office on 01729824108, or at info@puravent.co.uk.

If you want more information or to have a look for yourself at the animals mentioned here, take a further look at Crocodiles of the World’s website at https://www.crocodilesoftheworld.co.uk/

Giant Galapagos Tortoise loves oscillating wall fans