Intrinsically Safe Ventilation Fans

Ventilation in confined spaces or hazardous environments is a ‘no-brainer’ and reliable and safe equipment is essential. This is where intrinsically safe ventilation fans come into their own.

Intrinsically safe ventilation fans are ideal for work in confined spaces as well as in association with welding, concrete cutting, demolition. The same equipment may be used during remediation work following flooding to dry out buildings or simply provide fresh air to work areas as needed.

Intrinsically Safe Ventilation with Compressed Air

Clustajet Intrinsically Safe Air Mover

Clustajet Intrinsically Safe Air Mover Range

Puravent’s range of Clustajet of Intrinsically Safe Ventilation fans are as safe as it gets. With capacity ranging from 765 to 5,270m3/h, no moving parts or electric motor and driven by compressed air, they are ideal for use in confined spaces, and in damp or wet locations. The Clustajet range of intrinsically safe ventilation fans include 4 sizes ranging in diameter from 4″ to 12″.

12" Clustajet Intrinsically Safe Ventilator

12″ Clustajet Intrinsically Safe Ventilation fan… …or should it be called an air mover?

But to call them a fan is wrong, because they dont have any blades, so perhaps they are more accuratly described as ‘air movers’. Instead of fan blades they have eductor nozzles where the idea is that the compressed air is discharged from the nozzle in a way that maximised the air to air friction in the duct, and which induces the air in the duct to move in the same direction as the discharged compressed air.

The Clustajet units are generally used to extract air from confined spaces to allow fresh air to replace the extracted air, and where there are duct runs of more than 25m, we recommend a unit for each 25m of ducting.

With no moving parts to cause sparking, these units are safe for use in problem applications, such as with air laden with dangerous gases, dust or solvent vapours.

Puravent’s VAF intrinsically safe ventilation fans extends the operating range to 7,500m3/h and is the ideal in confined spaces or in zones where use of electricity is forbidden. Available in 300 and 400mm diameter, the double wall construction protects the inner casing giving extended product lifetime. The bodies on these intrinsically safe ventilation fans are made from a dual wall polythene rotational moulding allowing it to withstand the knocks normally found in industrial use – a common cause of failure with traditional steel cased fans.

VAF-400 Pneumatic Ventilation fan. Pneumatic ppwered fanThe 400mm diameter VAF-400P – FRL ventilator, weighs 13 kg and provides 7500 m3/h of air flow, driven by a pneumatic motor developing 1.1kw of power. It is built to provide maximum power where it is needed and it is the ideal large air flow  intrinsically safe ventilation fan. Intrinsically Safe Ventilation using a VAF300P-FRL pneumatic fan

The smaller variation on the theme is the VAF-300P – FRL intrinsically safe ventilation fan.  With 3400m3/hr of air flow it is a bit more portable that the 400mm unit and is suitable to ventilating smaller hazardous enclosed atmospheres

One of the big benefits of using compressed air to power a fan is that it is very, very controllable. Electrically driven ventilation fans are almost always an on/off affair, however the regulator valve on the compressed air inlet to the VAF pneumatic fans allows the airflow through the fan to be steplessly adjusted from 0 to maximum flow. It means that beyond the obvious applications in hazardous confined spaces, that they also have application in some process applications where fine adjustment of airflow is essential

It can out perform conventional metal bodied fans several times over. In fact we are so confident in the VAF-400’s quality then VAF offer it with an industry beating 10 YEAR warranty upgrade on the fan body.

Stacked 300mm dia. VAF Ventilators

Stacked 300mm dia. VAF Ventilators

VAF300_pneumatic fan and duct.  Intrinsically Safe Ventilation at its bestAll VAF models, both the pneumatic powered and the electrically powered versions can be stacked for ease of storage and to give maximum airflow from minimum floor space.

The high pressure capability of this fan make it very capable of use with up to 3 lengths of our 7.5m anti-static flexible ducting.


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