Gas Plaque Heaters

Gas Plaque Heater

For industrial zone heating it is difficult to better the quick heat up times and economy of gas plaque heaters

Gas Plaque Heaters: Application

Gas plaque heaters are perhaps the most effective and economical method of providing quick warming zoned radiant heating to large buildings. Gas as a heating fuel, particularly mains natural gas has long been seen as a cost-effective fuel, and when used in a radiant zone heating format provides for true efficiency.

Zone heating is ideally suited for large industrial building because typically one air space will have several areas with differing (if any) heating requirements. For example there will typically be areas put over to raw materials and finished  product storage which don’t  necessarily need heating, areas where there are sitting staff needing heat to one temperature and areas where there are other staff moving about doing more strenuous work which need heating but to a lesser extent.

With radiant heating you can discriminate between these areas, even leaving some areas within the same air space, unheated. Moreover the area heated can be narrowed by the choice of gas plaque heaters and the height at which the radiant gas plaque heaters are mounted. Generally the higher the plaque heater is mounted the greater the area heated beneath, and the greater the heating power required from that heater. Contrast the selective nature of zone heating with radiant heaters with the all or nothing method of space heating the air in the complete building. No wonder gas plaque heaters are so popular in our industrial buildings.

Puravent’s Range of Gas Plaque Heaters

At Puravent we supply the Infraglo Flamrad range of heaters, which have 6 sizes ranging in output from 3 kw to 27kw. Not that they all run on natural gas – for each size there is a variant which will burn propane for the applications where natural gas is not an option.

Control Fuel Heater Output
3kw 7kw 10.6kw 13kw 21kw 27kw
Automatic Propane 703A-P 707A-P 711A-P 713A-P 721A-P 727A-P
Natural Gas 703A-NG 707A-NG 711A-NG 713A-NG 721A-NG 727A-NG


The Flamrad Gas Plaque Heater Range

These automatic gas plaque heaters have spark ignition and flame monitoring. In the event of flame failure, lockout of the appliance will ensure complete safety; the unit can be reset by interrupting the mains supply. The heaters lend themselves to control by time clock, thermostats or energy management systems.



Gas Plaque Heater7
Gas Plaque Heater6

Infraglo gas plaque heaters features

Infraglo Flamrad gas plaque heaters features



As well as the single burner models in the Flamrad range there are also double head gas plaque heaters. These heaters typically find their application in areas of the building away from the side walls, and are hung to cast radiant heat on the staff work areas that are out of reach of wall mounted heaters.

Gas Plaque Heater4 Gas Plaque Heater3 Gas Plaque Heater2

Like any direct fired heating system used inside a building, it is essential that the minimum ventilation requirements are met in the building. When these units are installed by a Gas Safe registered fitter, they will ensure that there is sufficient fixed ventilation for heater and that the minimum fixed ‘free area’ of ventilation grills is at least met and preferably exceeded.