Coronavirus Infection Control

Coronavirus Infection Control Using 3 Of The Best

Extraordinary circumstances push me to be blunt in this blog, indeed far more direct than I would normally be comfortable with, so before you start muttering about Puravent jumping on a bandwagon and milking what is an increasingly alarming public health situation you might want to consider that Puravent has been operating in the field of air purification since 2003 and has been supplying Sanuvox equipment since 2006. It is something we are experts on and something that others need to understand a whole more about in order to slow the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19.

As we look down the barrel of national lock down, let me quickly ‘cut to the chase’;

1. If you want to prevent active Coronavirus Covid-19 being transferred in an airstream along ducting and into occupied spaces….

           ….you can not do any better than to use Sanuvox BioWall

Coronavirus Infection Control using Sanuvox BioWall in duct air purification

Coronavirus infection control using Sanuvox BioWall in duct air purification

2. If you want to effectively and very quickly sterilise intensive care units (ICUs) or isolation rooms between the occupancy of one patient and another then….
           ….you can not do any better than to use Sanuvox ASEPT.2X

Room sterilisation using a Saunvox Asept.2X mobile UVC sterilisation pods a key tool for Coronavirus Infection Control

Room sterilisation using a Saunvox Asept.2X mobile UVC sterilisation pods


3. If you want to effectively minimise the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 amongst occupants of a room such as, an office, a communal area in a care home or a class room then….

          ….you can not do any better than to use Sanuvox P900GX air purifiers

Coronavirus Infection Control in shared indoor spaces

Sanuvox P900GX Coronavirus Infection Control for shared indoor spaces, such as schools, offices and care homes


If you are interested in a bit of detail, keep reading.

Coronavirus Infection Control with UV – A bit of detail

How do these Sanuvox air purification systems work?

They are very cleverly engineered to use high intensity UV light to kill viruses, bacteria and even spores.

Is this new technology?

No, its been about for many years but not widely adopted in UK and Europe.

How does UV work?

UV light is the most effective way of deactivating airborne biological contaminants, including spores, bacteria and viruses. UV light at the specific wave length of 253.7nm is the very best at this task.

UV light at 253.7nm is best at breaking the DNA strands in viruses, bacteria and spores, and this ‘deactivates’ them preventing them from proliferating.

But don’t most air cleaners have UV light as part of their functioning?

Some air cleaners do but Sanuvox do not make cheap air cleaners. Instead they make the very best commercial UV air purification systems. UV air purification systems and air cleaners do very different jobs and comparing them is a bit like trying to make comparison between space ship and a pork pie.

So how difficult is Coronavirus infection control using UV?

The obvious bad news is that Covid-19 is very easily spread by touch and in air. It is also unfortunate that so little attention thus far has been given to minimising the airborne spread of the virus in controlled indoor environments. The good news is that Covid-19 like other variations of Coronovirus is easily treated on air using UV light. This means that the UV dose that is needed to break the DNA strands in Covid-19 are small relative to many other biological contaminants.

So what is so good about these Sanuvox products?

In a word – dose.  Germicidal UV dose to be precise.  Accepting that the Sanuvox UV lamps are engineered to deliver UV light at 254nm the ‘dose’ is about 3 factors

1. Surface area of the UV emitting surface i.e. the surface area of the UV lamp. The more surface area a lamp has, i.e. the larger it is, the more germicidal UV light it can emit.
2. Intensity of the emitted UV. This is about quality of the UV lamp.
3. Duration. i.e. how long the virus is exposed to the intense germicidal UV.

By getting these factors right Sanuvox ensure that their well engineered products deliver a massive dose of germicidal UV to guarentee a very high kill rate on a wide range of biological contaminants.

Coronavirus Infection Control – What Next?

There are no guarantees of complete Coronavirus infection control with Sanuvox or indeed any other infection control products. It is, however, about signifficantly changing the odds and by using Sanuvox systems you at least know that you are making the best bet available for UV infection control.

If you want to find out more about Coronavirus infection control in;

• air moving through ducts
• the air in rooms such as offices that do not have mechanical ventilation
• ITU (intensive care units) and other patient care rooms

….then please call us to discuss the suitability and supply of Sanuvox infection control equipment.

Thank you.