Air Cleaning


Air cleaning

These guides presented on the website are all about removing particles and droplets from the air. Often described as ‘removing the lumpy bits’, this can be seen as quite different to air purification which works at a molecular level. Our expertise in this area covers the use of industrial air cleaning machines, mobile air cleaning units for making dusty site work safe and also the use of electrostatic air cleaners to remove not only dust but oil mists in large machines, engines and industrial processes.


air cleaning

Commercial Air Cleaners – Guide

Air Cleaners

Industrial Air Cleaners – A Guide

mobile air cleaner

Mobile Air Cleaners – A User’s Guide

Trion T3003 electrostatic air cleaner

Key Benefits To Using Trion Electrostatic Air Cleaners


For help on any air cleaning problem, beyond the guides, please call us on 01729 824108, or visit us on our website.

Air cleaning

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