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Trotec TIH 630 3kw Infrared surface heater

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Product Code: TIH 630
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TIH 630 infrared heating panel is an innovative product for the construction and restorative drying sectors. For drying out walls in new buildings, for renovating old buildings and for drying after water damage. The panels have even distribution of warmth across their complete area, in stark contrast to conventional infrared heating panels, which often only radiate the heat unevenly. Each heater panel is backed by an efficient insulation layer to ensure that heat is only radiated from the 'heat side' directly at the object to be dryed.

Up to three infrared heating panels can be stacked one on top of the other to provide a quick, safe and stable means of drying out larger areas. The TIH 630 is excellently suited for rooms with occupants because it does not ­generate any noise when in use. The TIH 630 is equipped with special supports which make installation especially easy. The heating panels are designed in such a way that the panels are exactly in the right position and just the right distance away from the area that needs to be dried when the feet touch the wall. This saves you from having to calculate how to best position them. The TIH 630 heating panel can be operated either upright or horizontally. The feet of the panel can be removed to save space during transport. No tools are needed to install your heating panel.

Concrete block work in particular can be dried out considerably faster than when using conventional drying methods. There is no convective loss when infra-red heating panels are used to dry out brickwork. The difference in temperature enhances the capillary effect: moisture is transported to the heated area, where it dries out faster. This is far more effective than the conventional ­method which relies solely on diffusion. The moisture which is drawn out of the walls diffuses as soon as it enters the room. The lower the absolute relative humidity, the shorter the drying times, which means that the combination of TIH630 heat panels and dehumidification results is very fast drying times.

• High-quality heating panels with 630 watts of certified heating power
• Cutting-edge materials ensure that the heat is spread evenly throughout the entire area
• Complete with rear-wall insulation to ensure maximum energy efficiency and that the heat is directed directly at the object
• Highly-efficient heating method with environmentally-friendly IR-C-radiation for drying out brickwork quickly
• Heat transfer with radiant heat – object is heated directly – no convective loss
• Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensate
• Three-point fixation with ergonomic handles for quick and stable stacking
• Robust aluminum construction with high torsion rigidity in ­maintenance-free Trotec quality
• All accessories included in scope of delivery'
Effective range0.85 m²
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions L x W x H (without supports)36 x 1,370 x 625 mm
Overall height560 mm
Heating performance630 W
Weight9 kg
Scope of deliveryInfrared heating panel with integrated power cable, two supports, two handles
Overheat protectionyes
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally within 5 working days. Our warehouse will call to arrange delivery date. When delivered ,this item requires signing for.
Brand Trotec
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty