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Trion T5005-Carb. Activated carbon odour reduction unit. 11,050m3/h

Product obsolete (spares may be available) please contact Puravent for an alternative selection or for replacement parts. Tel: 01729 824108
Product Code: T5005-Carb
Out of stock

TCarb odour reduction units share the same modular format and are designed to bolt onto the T series electrostatic filters.

The housing holds refillable activated carbon filter cells mounted in 'V' formation on slide rails, enabling easy access for cell replacement via the side access door.

Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is usually stocked overseas and takes about 2 weeks to deliver. If in UK deliverable in 3-4 days. Enquire on 01729 824108
Brand Trion
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty