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Kroll HM200 Oil 188kw indirect oil fired heater

Product obsolete (spares may be available) please contact Puravent on 01729 824108 for alternative selection or for replacement parts.
Product Code: HM200 Oil
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The Kroll HM200 is a versatile skid mounted heating unit for delivering heat to tents, major construction sites, warehouses, or any demanding application requiring temporary or replacement heating unit. The Kroll HM 200 is both compact and neat, with no bits protruding beyond its flat sides and top, which makes the unit easily stackable and transportable whilst minimising likelihood of handling damage to the vital components. The skid is equipped with slots enabling handling with forklift, and has lifting eyes for slinging with lifting equipment. At 2.4m long, it fits the width of a standard truck and being stackable, makes it easy to store and transport which is a useful asset to hire companies.

All components of the unit, such as the burner, ventilator, control box etc. are enclosed within the robust housing. The heating unit is therefore protected against abuse or misuse by any unauthorised persons. Various burners options are available: kerosene, gas, multi-oil or rapeseed-oil. The heating unit works economically: The energy-transmission is effected directly without a medium like water or vapour, eliminating any danger of freezing. This direct firing converts up to 92% of the energy into heat. The unit can operate in various configurations with recirculated-air, fresh-air or with a mixer box, a mixture of both. The high pressure of 350 Pa allows the connection of long ducting branches

The housing is galvanised, and painted in a colour similar to RAL 7047. The installation is easy to maintain, all component parts are positioned in a clearly arranged manner, and, thanks to removable side-panels, easy to reach. Optional accessories are available to complete the HM 200 package:

?heating cartridge for tank to preheat the oil.
?room thermostat for close control of the area to be heated.
?weekly timer for day/night control of the unit.'
Rated heat load?kW188
Rated heating power?kW173
Oil consumption (kg/h)15.8
Temperature rise (?t) Kelvin60
Absorption of electrical power kW3.25
Power connection V/A400/3N~/13.5A
Fuse protection?A3 x 16
Flue pipe???mm180
Air opening out/in???mm550
Length mm2400
Width mm820
Height mm1450
Weight kg635
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand Kroll
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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