How to…Buy An Air Conditioner In A Heat Wave

A topical subject. The mercury is expected to be into the 30s today and there are several days of hot humid weather ahead.

The hard truth is that the stocks of air conditioners, fans and evaporative coolers that have been in stock for many months up and down the country will disappear before the ice cream melts.

So if you are feeling a little hot and bothered and suddenly think I will just see if I can get an air conditioner for the office, then be prepared for a desperate scrabble for the last machines as many thousands of other people have the same notion at the same moment.

Top Tips to buy an air conditioner in a heat wave  (also applies to fans and evaporative coolers)

1. It is all about speed. Buy fast and now. Dont wait for tomorrow or the day after.  It will be too late.

2. Don’t mess about comparing prices trying to get the machine that is a couple of £ cheaper than another or to get the machine that is £5 cheaper from one supplier compared to the others. In a heat wave, by the time you have spent time finding that special bargain, the special bargain will be sold out, if you then go for the next cheapest… guess what? By the time you try to buy that machine, it will be miraculously out of stock as well.  The internet market place ensures that there is uniformity of value  for air conditioners, fans and evaporative coolers. There of course will be small variations in pricing, and maybe free delivery or perhaps not. These small variations are nothing compared to actually getting an air conditioner or not.  Get a feel for the cost of a a suitable air conditioner, evaporative cooler or fan and then just go with a reasonable price offer, rather than following the masses and pursuing the cheapest.

3. Avoid the ‘shouty’ internet suppliers. The loudest sellers of the cheapest machines in a heat wave will be the most stressed, because every one is trying to buy from them. So guess what? The sellers of the cheapest machines will be the first ones to experience their customer service being overloaded and having a melt down. Mixed up orders, disappearing stock, dispatch overloaded, delivery expectations dashed, customer complaints, and orders continuing to land for air conditioners, fans and evaporative coolers that are no longer in stock.

4.  Always check stock by phone before buying. During heat waves stock levels change very, very fast and often things that are shown as in stock on a website have already disappeared.

5. If on the phone the supplier says there is stock, place your order by phone then and there.

6. Having placed your order keep your fingers crossed that the air conditioner, fan or evaporative coolers are delivered as planned, because if it does not then the chances are that by the time the delivery issue has been resolved there will either be no other machine left to send out as a replacement or the heat wave will finished.


When buying an air conditioner, fan or evaporative cooler before a heat wave then none of the above top tips is relevent. Normal purchasing methods are recommended.

Enjoy the Summer.


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