LPHW unit heater gets aesthetic

LPHW unit heater gets aesthetic


In an industrial application the Sonniger LPHW unit heater is almost too smart!

It used to be so simple. An LPHW unit heater was fit only for workshops and industrial applications. They were simple square boxes with a louvre on the front, a fan on the back and a LPHW heater battery in the middle. So for years the non industrial heating market had to either stomach the breeze block aesthetics of the standard LPHW fan heaters or look at another way of heating the space. Its easy if the space is small like an office where you can put radiator or small fan coil units, but it becomes a problem in larger spaces, such as retail centres, leisure centres, and car showrooms. These types of spaces are characterised by being both large and sensitive to aesthetics of the heaters. In other words whilst radiators and fan coils can look good they just can’t produce enough heat for the job.


Looks better in commercial applications than the best of the rest.

Enter the Sonniger LPHW unit heater range.

They have a different take on the LPHW unit heater. One size of casing, one fan but with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 rows of coils providing the 3 variants on offer. The casing has an attractive facing with no hard corners. The louvres have a slight curve. It is by any measure, ‘easy on the eye’.  Unlike other LPHW unit heater makes, Sonniger, by using one fan and casing across all three of the models get a range where you get a slightly lower airflow as the coil rows and output increase whereas normally as you go up the heater sizes, the air out temperature stays the same, but the air flow increases.


sonniger LPHW unit heater -dimensions

One size fits all

Model Heater R1 Heater R2 Heater R3
Nominal Output KW (80/60, 15°C) 17.7 30.9 46.1
Max Airflow (m2/hr) 4900 4600 4400
Max temperature increase (°C) 18 33 48
Max Air throw (m) 27 25 24
Water connections Ø 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Power supply (v~Hz) 230  ~ 50 230  ~ 50 230  ~ 50
Motor power (kw) 0.25 0.25 0.25
Motor Speed (rpm) 1350 1350 1350
Protection class IP54 IP54 IP54
Sound Level (dB(A) @ 5m) 50 50 50
Weight without water (kg) 10.8 12.7 14.5
weight with water (kg) 11.9 14.8 16.9