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Commercial Misting fans

Like a patio heater…but the exact opposite

Every now and again comes a not a warm day which we all enjoy but a hot day which has us buckling in the heat and clamouring for shade. The effects of hot days are felt every bit as acutely outside as inside, but whilst we are inside we at least have shade, fans, evaporative coolers and if we are lucky air conditioning, escaping the heat outside can be a little more difficult. Heat stress, although not as common in the UK as it is on the European mainland, is a significant health issue and accordingly in hot weather, it is the single health issue that keeps first aiders busier than any other at outdoor events. This is where crowd coolers come into their own.

Misting Coolers and Commercial Misting Fans – What are they?

Crowd coolers or as they as sometimes known, commercial misting fans are a half way house between an evaporative cooler and a straight fan. The operating principle is simple; a fan, a pump, a supply of water and fine spray nozzle. The water mist is blown by the fan, and as the mist moves away from the fan each droplet evaporates and in so doing cools the air stream, bringing refreshing relief from the heat for anybody or indeed any animal lucky enough to be caught in its breeze.

The way to think about misting coolers is that they are a bit like the exact opposite of patio heaters

Applications for Misting Coolers and Commercial Misting Fans

The principle purpose to misting fans is to minimise the incidence of heat stress (This is where the body warms beyond its normal temperature and its normal cooling mechanisms cannot cope fully with the temperature increase). But you don’t need to be suffering the onset of heat stress to appreciate the benefit of a mist cooling, anybody feeling hot will enjoy the cool breeze.

For Cooling People

As well as open pubs and restaurants with gardens or terraces,  crowd coolers also find favour at outdoor events, and permanent venues such as theme parks where they can be used to cool the queues as they wait for their next ride.

For Cooling Animals

It is not only humans that suffer in heat, livestock and pets can quickly succumb to the effects of heat stress and exhaustion. Country fairs, agricultural shows and equestrian events are typically held in the summer months and if it is hot the stock will tend to suffer before the humans do. Not only do horses, livestock and pets suffer, but where they are expected to perform in some way they will do so at a level well below their best. For instance, it is well understood that horses which are kept cool prior to performance in either show jumping, cross-country or dressage will generally far at or nearer their normal standards, that those that have not been kept cool. No surprise then that misting coolers are used for;

•    Poultry sheds
•    Cattle pens
•    Stables
•    Pig stalls
•    Show ring waiting areas
•    Livestock transport rest areas and auctions
•    Kennels

For Boosting Business

Of course it is about welfare and safety. But it’s also about business. Picture this. Very hot day at a country show. Visitors visibly wilting and looking for shade. Business at all stalls including your own is slow as people are lethargic and tired. Switch on your crowd cooler; your passing traffic, pauses enjoys the cool refreshing breeze comes to life and is inclined to stay a while, browse in your stall and start to get interested in shopping again. Commercial misting fans should also be a must in the portfolio of any half serious hire company

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