Confort Cabinet Heaters Evolve

The oil-fired Confort cabinet heaters range has been revised.

Confort cabinet heaters - Old style

Confort cabinet heaters – Old style

Confort cabinet heaters - new style

Confort cabinet heaters – new style

The original Confort range of oil-fired cabinet heaters were notable when they first arrived 3 years ago because they had an on board oil tank which meant that the hassle and expense of installing a piped connection to a bunded fuel tank was avoided.

The new range also has an on board tank but the tanks are bigger and much more part of the heater as opposed to sticking on the front of the unit. Old Confort cabinet heaters or new revised range, the main feature is the same – they are as close to ‘plug and play’ as it is possible to get with a cabinet heater. The relative ease of installation and their small footprint make them ideal for numerous industrial applications, such as workshops, industrial units, car showrooms and more rustic retail outlets.

Previously, the Confort range featured the 1G and 2G models, which gave a heat power output of 31kW and 61kW, respectively. Looking at the new 35, 70, and 100 models, they give a heat power output of 35kW, 70kW, and 100kW, respectively. The new range offers an extra model at the top end and greater output across the range.

Confort Cabinet Heaters Compaison with the old range

Take a look at the table below for a further comparison and what the new models have to offer:

Old models New models
Rated heat power [kw] 34.8 69.8 34.76 70.78 100.48
Output heat power [kw] 31.3 62 32.64 65.96 93.65
Heat efficiency [ % ] 90 90 93.4 93.2 93.2
Air flow [ m3/h] 2400 4 2.7 6 7.8
Available static pressure [ mm H2O] 10 10 15 15 15
Fuel consumption [kg/h] 2.93 5.88 2750 5600 7950
Tank capacity [ l ] 65 65 70 110 110
Power consumption 230V [ W ] 677 1550 680 1350 1750

A further comparison shows a few extra features …

The old 1G/2G models The new 35/70/100 models
X ERP compliant
X Electronic flame control
Built-in room thermostat (+5°/+30° C) Built-in electronic room
thermostat (0°/+40° C)
FAN-LIMIT bi-thermostat with manual reset FAN-LIMIT bi-thermostat with
automatic and manual reset
Air outlet head with adjustablelouvres, revolving at 360° Option for air outlet head
with adjustable louvres,
revolving at 360°, or a static plenum
box with output of 360°
Summer-winter switch for use as a fan X


The new style of control pad on the Confort cabinet heaters range

The new style of control pad on the Confort cabinet heaters range

Old style Confort cabinet heaters with  knobs and switches

Old style Confort cabinet heaters with knobs and switches

Cosmetically, the design and look has received a major upgrade. The new models move away from the white and red to a more industrial looking metal-grey.

Functions are now controlled with touchpad buttons which give a much newer look, compared to the switches and knobs on the older models.

Overall, the new models bring a fresh look and more powerful performance to the Confort cabinet heater range. If you have any further queries on the units or their applications, please contact our UK based office on 01729824108, or at