ATEX rated desiccant dryers

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 All electrical components are individually ATEX certified and the finished desiccant dryer is then certified
ATEX desiccant dehumidifier components

ATEX rated desiccant dryers have components are generally larger, heavier, and far better insulated against gas and dust ingress than standard components.


Overview of ATEX rated desiccant dryers

It is fair to say that ATEX rated desiccant dryers are something of a rarity. The reason for this is twofold – they are costly bits of equipment and secondly they are typically putting air into a ducted system.

The first reason is more or less self explainatory. ATEX rated desiccant dryers are expensive because they are made from components which themselves are ATEX rated and both expensive and hard to source. Then the machine once complete needs to be certified, which adds both time and cost to the finished dryer. 

Because of their relativly high cost, users are always looking for alternative ways to solve their drying problems, and typically where there is a requirement for a desiccant dryer in a gas or dust ‘zone’, then where possible, the dryer is located outside the zone and the dried air ducted into the zone to where it is needed. This means that the desiccant dryer, being located outside the zone, does not need to be ATEX certified, thus saving the substantial difference in cost between the a standard desiccant dryer and and equivilant ATEX rated desiccant dryer ATEX desiccant dehumidifier components1


ATEX rated desiccant dryer may be rare, but these special machines do exist, although they are mostly built to

Standard VRF

This is what a standard Desiccant Dryer from the VRF range looks like

order because the requirements for them are so occasional. Having supplied ATEX dryers before, Puravent have jumped through the relevent hoops and can supply any of the VRF range of desiccant dryers as a custom-built special ATEX version. The exact specification and of course the pricing, depend on the duty, zone and temperature class that the dryer needs to be designed to.

But if you must have an ATEX certified desiccant dehumidifier and you can’t wriggle out of it by using extra ducting and putting the machine outside the ATEX zone, then give us a call.